(SJRK) August 21, 2018 Partners Meeting

Dana, Michelle, Avtar, Juliana, James

  • Need an invitation letter from IDRC in order to get travel Visa (for UWEZO, Karisma, others)

    • Reason for meeting

    • Relationship between IDRC and UWEZO

    • Objective of the meeting

    • Project implementation phase?

    • Paying for transport and accommodation etc

    • Addressed to the invitees

    • Letter to embassy for quick processing?

  • Confirm Oct 10 date with everyone!

  • By end of this week - know how many we can bring to face 2 face

  • Citizen research?


  • 2 more activities

    • Workshop about local network, to understand how it works technically - September - Juliana will be there

    • October - a small group from Motivando a la Gyal - come to Fresno and share a workshop with the kids

  • Don’t want to wait too long for the next phase of the project

  • Keep the enthusiasm and interest up

  • Pilar - how to share this experience with other schools, other groups of young people

    • Plan from Fresno for visiting local entrepreneurs etc - create a curriculum

    • Using storytelling tool, install local network …

    • First will be other schools in Fresno, but also Hector wants to contact groups in favelas in Bogota

    • Want feedback from us on the curriculum

    • Next year - have a festival in Fresno - groups from Colombia but also all over Latin America - Brasil (rural communities), Juliana will spend some time designing this, doing the schedule and budget

    • 2nd year of project - Pilar and Hector - important to have time and budget to research the process - first videos of kids, evolution of storytelling through videos, photos, what the experience was like.


  • Working on higher-fi mockups

  • Looking to wrap up design-related work this week

  • If everyone is happy with it he will start implementing the designs

  • Sophie will be helping out too

  • Find an English-Spanish translator for the face2face meeting

  • Live captioning too

  • Sign-language translation needed?