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The Fluid Design Handbook is a How-to Guide filled with user-centered design (UCD) techniques you can use to learn from your users and design better user experiences.
The handbook includes information on a variety of UCD practices, from performing user research and creating models (such as personas and scenarios) to inform the design process, to performing UX walkthroughs and user testing of your website or application to assess usability and accessibility.  This is by no means a comprehensive guide of design practices but rather focuses on a few methods near and dear to us on the Fluid project.

Component Designs

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Fluid Personas

The Fluid Course Administration & Content Management Personas are models representing the information gathered during the user research done in the Fluid Fluid Content Management Research project. They follow the Fluid Persona Format, and are used to inform the design and development of Fluid Components.

Pain Points & Problem Spaces

This page serves as a collection point for identifiable generic recurring user-problematics. User testing and walkthroughs are used to reveal pain points, such as those gathered at the Fluid Summit, which are synthesized into problem spaces. Component ideas are subsequently teased from the problem spaces.

Open Source Design Pattern Library

The Open Source Design Pattern Library is a place for communities to create, collaborate on, and share their open source user interface design patterns.

Fluid UCamps

UCamps are instructional and collaborative sessions led by members of the Fluid User Experience community. The major goal of these sessions is to share knowledge about user-centered design practices with other designers and developers. In addition, UCamps offer a chance for designers and developers to build community and work face-to-face on design projects during the UCamp.

UX Projects

Fluid Content Management Research

We are iteratively engaged in user research to understand how users think about and manage their content around teaching, learning and research.  This work ties into the UX Walkthroughs, which help us identify existing "pain points."  Some of these will likely be well understood (and solution components can begin to be developed), but others will require more in depth understanding of why, what and how users need to work with content.  This research can help us with that understanding.  

Fluid User Experience Walkthroughs

Fluid UX Walkthroughs are a combination of usability and accessibility reviews of Fluid partner applications, with the goal of identifying user "pain points," and then proposing and prioritizing user interface improvements to address them. Read more about UX Walkthroughs

Open Source Design Pattern Library Working Group

We are currently defining the mission, goals, scope and infrastructure of the OSDPL, and in the future the group will focus on adding patterns to and expanding the library.


Processes and Planning


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Fluid Wiki Templates

This is a collection of templates that can be used to create new pages within the Fluid Wiki. Please feel free to add your own!

Design Glossary

The Glossary contains definitions for terms related to User Experience as they are used within the Fluid Project.

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