Accessible Prototyping

Notes from Meeting - Feb 17, 2017

Dana Colin Caren Alan

  • there are no commercially-available prototyping tools that we know of, that allow the creation of an interactive prototype that is keyboard and screen-reader accessible
  • how can we create accessible prototypes most efficiently?
  • we looked at the possibility of hacking the output from Adobe CC XD, but this seems unfeasible, as they output the screens just as images with active touch areas
  • best would probably be to build from scratch (html/css/javascript), but simplify the interactions and flows to be more efficient in our prototyping process
  • this might be advantageous also because we would be able to build on what we have for the prototype when implementing the “shipped product”
  • for now, on the privacy project, we’ll proceed with creating a prototype in CC XD, and will consider how we can make the testing process accessible (e.g. by providing active screen-reading or screen-touching for the user)