BEING Futures Project

BEING Studio Creative Design Mapping

The IDRC will assist BEING Studio in brainstorming and conceptualizing an emerging digital hybrid operating model. This work will include needs gathering and co-design with artist members, with the aim of creatively mapping out design ideas for a prospective website and other access and connection tools and activities.

The IDRC will lead the co-design process including:

  • Collaborating on community led co-design
  • Co-organizing and holding informal co-design and co-design workshops
  • Collaboratively building a Creative Design Map synthesizing the results of the co-design

Project Phases

Community Engagement and Trust Building

February - March 2021

Co-design Planning & Kick-off

April 2021 - May 2021

Co-design Sessions

May 2021 - October 2021

Design Map Creation

November 2021 - January 2022


BEING Studio

Related Projects and Links

BEING Home - a web project featuring images and storytelling by the artists at BEING Studio

Artist Connect Report (BEING) - a series of 3 animated videos reporting on Artist Connect, a series of online events that brought together 6 communities of artists with disabilities. The report is an overview of what happened and the learnings from the event. It provides an exploration of the potential of technology and art to help create accessible, multimodal documents.

Co-design Workshop Schedule

Think Tank Kick-off: Tuesday April 30 2-3:30 pm ET

Co-Design Workshop 1: Tuesday June 8 2:30-4pm ET

Co-Design Workshop 2: Tuesday July 6 2:30-4pm ET

Co-Design Workshop 3: Tuesday September 28 2:30-4pm ET

Project Welcome

Let’s create the future together!

Through collaborative art-making we'll design our future world, a world where we can create and share art and stay connected through a combination of both in-person and online tools and activities. What’s working well now? What could we do differently? Join us to co-design the future into BEING!


Final Report

All Co-design Outcomes - Table and Downloadable Spreadsheet

Co-design Process Reflections

Final BEING Futures "Space Map"

Project Resources

Project Kick-off "Think Tank"

Think Tank Kick-off Email Invitation

Kick-off Think Tank Slides

Participant Welcome

Participant Welcome - Poster, Audio and Text Invitation

Project BEING Futures animation

Co-design Workshop 1

Co-design Workshop 1 Prompt - Video, Text and Image

Workshop 1 Agenda and Guide

Co-design Workshop 2

Co-design Workshop 2 Prompt - Video, Text and Images

Workshop 2 Agenda and Guide

Workshop 2/3 In-Progress

Co-design Synthesis in Progress - Image and Video description

Project Summary Slides for BEING AGM, August 2021

Co-design Workshop 3

Co-design Workshop 3 Prompt Questions (pdf)

Workshop 3 Agenda and Guide

Workshop 3 Slides (pdf)

Supporting Templates and Images

All Workshop and Prompt Images

Printable Artist Templates