Right to Decide Project

The goal of the Right to Decide Project is to build a web platform that will support the research and advocacy on the right to legal capacity for persons with cognitive disabilities. The exact features of the platform and inclusion lens tool will be co-designed with the IRIS Institute and project stakeholders in Canada and globally.

From October 1, 2021 to September 15, 2022, the Inclusive Design Research Centre will:

  • Co-organize and co-facilitate, with IRIS Institute, co-design sessions with project stakeholders and participants to determine the needs and functionality of the project’s web platform
  • Design and implement a version of a web platform that includes:
    • a Legal Capacity Inclusion Lens (LCIL) web interface based on prototypes provided by IRIS/Chronicle Analytics
    • an initial version of a Resource Library for sharing project resources
    • collaborative tools for the community, based on scope identified during co-design
  • Work with a third-party hosting service of IRIS Institute’s choosing to support the deployment, hosting, and maintenance of the platform

Legal Capacity Inclusion Lens

Current work: Exploration of Airtable for use with Legal Capacity Inclusion Lens