Project Objectives

The BIG IDeA consortium objectives are to:

  1. Establish and foster a co-design process between customers and businesses to continuously advance innovation in inclusive design – thereby improving the customer experience and the business processes.
  2. Provide an online platform that supports customers in finding and reviewing accessible businesses (similar to Trip Advisor, but for accessibility); businesses in finding accessibility tools and resources; and a mechanism for developing and showcasing innovative approaches to accessibility challenges.
  3. Promote a culture of accessibility & inclusive design that benefits customers, businesses, and communities --- leading to greater prosperity for all members:
  •  supporting businesses in continuously improving the experience for all customers;
  • leveraging inclusive design & inclusive participation to improve planning, prediction & innovation in services, business processes & customer experiences;
  • engaging youth and community innovators in generating innovative approaches to address existing barriers;
  • proactively ensuring that emerging products & services are inclusively designed;
  • showcasing business leadership and innovation in inclusive business practices; &
  • creating a resource bank of openly available, re-usable resources, tools, exemplars, training modules, open badge training certification, and model strategies that support inclusive design and accessibility.