Fluid Engage

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Fluid Engage is a continuation of the Fluid Project Vision in the context of museums and cultural institutions.


Fluid Engage is a project that created an open source community to provide curators and educators within museums and galleries the necessary supports, tools and resources so they can:

  • Create engaging visitor experiences across all three exhibit environments: the computer mediated physical space, online and through mobile devices.
  • Provide accessible exhibits and experiences in these environments, thereby meeting legal commitments while at the same time making the experience
    more usable and engaging for all visitors.
  • More seamlessly and efficiently integrate existing and new applications applied in museums to create engaging visitor experiences (content
    management system, collection management systems, maps, social software, mobile applications, and beyond)
  • Bridge the gap between creative design vision and its expression in the digital realm and participate in the larger user experience design community.
The Grant
Meet the Team
All-hands Meeting TORONTO

The all-hands meeting was June 22-24th, 2009.