Inclusive Design Institute

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The Inclusive Design Institute is a research community and regional research hub focusing on the inclusive design of emerging information and communication systems and practices.

IDI research addresses the full life cycle of information and communication systems and practices - from design to implementation to evaluation and policy.

IDI is a community that values collaboration, broad participation, transparency, and openness. IDI research projects engage a range of disciplines, sectors, and collaborating organizations from around the world.

What is Inclusive Design?

Inclusive design enables and supports the participation of individuals and groups representing the full range of human diversity.

Using agile development, participatory and user-centred design practices, IDI researches, designs, and develops technology that enables matching the needs and preferences of each individual user.

Getting Involved

The IDI is always looking for new community members, whether researchers, students, organizations or volunteers. The IDI supports participatory design - we especially need your input if information and communication technologies and practices do not currently meet your needs.

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