Inclusive Design Toolkit

This page provides a gathering-place of resources related to Inclusive Design. More resources will be added as the work develops. Your feedback and contributions are welcome!

Community Led Co-design Kit

An open source toolkit for sharing knowledge about how to do co-design led by community members and organizations.

The Inclusive Design Guide

A gathering of Insights, Practices, Tools and Activities that have grown out of our ongoing work at the Inclusive Design Research Centre and the Inclusive Design Institute. Grounded in the Three Dimensions of Inclusive Design, this Guide provides a good starting point for anyone interested in Inclusive Design.

The Inclusive Learning Design Handbook (ILDH)

A free Open Educational Resource (OER) designed to assist teachers, content creators, Web developers, and others in creating adaptable and personalizable educational resources that can accommodate a diversity of learning styles and individual needs. Note that the ILDH is currently being redesigned.

Snow Inclusive Learning and Education

SNOW combines technology, community, accessible communication and capacity building to foster a collaborative approach that encourages a comprehensive model of education for all

Co-design Resources

Fluid Infusion Framework and Components

A code framework for building personalizable and adaptive applications using JavaScript and other web technologies. It also includes a growing collection of user interface components, built on top of jQuery, that help make it easier to build user interfaces by mixing and matching accessible components and then customizing them to suit your unique context. Infusion’s components are designed flexibly so that all their default features, styling and parts can be easily changed, replaced and added to.

Fluid Design Handbook

A How-to Guide filled with user-centred design (UCD) techniques you can use to learn from your users and design better user experiences. This is by no means a comprehensive guide of design practices but rather focuses on a few methods near and dear to us on the Fluid project. Please note that we are currently re-evaluating the content of the Handbook and are working to update it and incorporate relevant content into our other resources. 

Guide for Embedded Co-design

This document provides guidance the on development of shared goals and understandings between IDRC and project partners, guidance to partner facilitators and techniques and steps to facilitate a co-design session.