This is an evolving list that tries to broadly categorize and theme challenges the project might address. It's based on meetings, research and conversations. The categorizations are, as with all categorizations, somewhat arbitrary, and all may have overlap with another.

Additions are welcome, either directly on this wiki page or through other project communication channels.

Reaching, Welcoming and Understanding

  • How do we know who our activities might be excluding?
  • How do we form welcoming spaces for youth with learning differences?
  • How do build communities and movements that are understanding of learning differences and recognize the uniqueness of each individual?

Publishing, Storytelling and Communication

  • What tools would help us not only reach youth with learning differences, but involve them as co-creators in our work?
  • How do we allow the broadest possible audiences to tell and hear stories?
  • How do we make tools and events like open data and hackathons more welcoming for youth with learning differences to access?

Collaboration, Research and Learning

  • How do we work together effectively with youth with learning differences?
  • How do we discover and spread best practices in this area?