(SJRK) June 13, 2019 Partners Meeting


  • Liam has been travelling alot!
  • OpenEd conf in Guelph (Jutta was keynote)
    • 2 infographics - lawnmower of justice, and tornado of virtue
  • Global Pathfinder Summit in U Virginia
    • Spoke on pannel about inclusive movements (from reference point of climate organizing)
    • Met and engaged with Matthew Shapiro an accessibility advocate and wheelchair user who may be consulted with on guides in development
  • Learning the how of how to make things accessible
  • Move from generating to editing of the guide

SJRK Website (and IDRC website)


  • May and June have been incredible!
  • Finished the workshops and the visits
  • Working with local people
  • Students meeting people from Fresno
  • Las Marias and Mireya - and this year a new school - Betania
    • Betania is 4 hours by car from Fresno
  • Learning with application of cellular tools to make content
    • The students were very excited about this
    • They made content for the local network
    • They made a video about bullying
    • Tata will send to us
  • Now - uploading material to local network
    • Just the beginning now - not able to see it just yet
  • Make some graphic changes to the local network
  • Students are using their cellphones to make the videos and upload them
  • Focus was on making videos - but the teacher taught them some tools for writing
    • They first wrote about the idea, then made the videos
  • All the workshops are finished 
  • Now - in the phase of asking for the second video - reflecting on their experience of the workshops
    • They make these videos with the cellular tools


  • Content and photo added

Storytelling Tool

  • New website https://stories.floeproject.org/
  • Caren continuing to have storytelling workshops
  • Gregor reworking the backend for more flexibility - this will continue over next months
  • Feedback - Story Browse page - icons, book with heart on it
    • All the same icons on the left are a bit repetitive
    • One possibilty - the three spaces (inside heart, outside heart, ) - try adding some different colour
    • Could also use the icon to show what modes are in the story - audio or video eg
    • Could also add icons for modes e.g. audio or video - maybe under the main icon

Launch of Coding to Learn with Minister Qualtraugh

  • Had a showcase of our projects and tools, including SJRK!

Redesign of ILDH 

  • To help folks find what they need - launch in September
  • Another resource for SJRK community