(SJRK) March 5, 2019 Partners Meeting

Present: Dana, Michelle, Liam, Tata, James, Bahati, Silvia

Website content - partner’s activities: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1p_ByuBo723hxTQcf2kXO0DX-yDu_oqWtmIkTkzgrb4Q/edit?usp=sharing

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Let Dana know when the content is ready to go on the site



  • Completion

  • Increase a11y and inclusion of indigenous language - videos about their communities in their own language
  • Young people learning the process of adding CC and creating descriptive videos
  • Inclusive guide to action - moving forward with this - got the green light to work with someone who worked on it in the past
  • Build out a guide for staff to increase inclusion  - for remote staff - appendix to existing guide or separate guide - positive work culture
    • E.g. Doing a “wander walk” - being intentional about travelling home in a new way - formalise the activity
    • But It’s cold outside - how can we work in multi-modal way - to encompass a spectrum of inclusion - e.g. someone with mobility issues


  • Planning meeting tomorrow for event in August
  • August 24 is the SJRK event in Cartagena
  • Development of resources - as per workplan
  • Disseminated Cuentalo webpage to more youth movements
    • They will provide more stories
    • Providing supports, but youth are creating stories more independently this time
    • FUTCO has more sophisticated cameras and equipment, so they can help if needed
    • Empower more youth in the creation of their stories


  • Victoria is sick :(
  • Delayed the process somewhat
  • First phase - need to talk to teachers
  • Waiting for student’s videos - should have a few in March
  • Victoria talked to some new schools, new teachers - getting organised
  • Everything ready in April to start visits and workshops at new schools
  • Hector will travel Wednesday to Fresno to check that all is working well with local network
  • Today - has another meeting now! Strategy meeting


  • How our costs will be covered under the project?


  • Missed the meeting last time, having many partner’s visits from UK and Denmark
  • Sent the budget
  • Based on the activities that we had discussed