Systems strategy and operations


  • join everybody list
  • send out contact information
  • JIRA setup as trouble tickets
  • communications plan for activities and issues
  • mailing lists - let's have a published list of lists
    • let owners manage their lists
  • is there anything that is running an old version that needs to be updated?
  • help folks get analytics set up (likely google in most cases)
  • MDID setup
    • VM
    • domain
    • Greg access


  • is there somewhere we can see the systems? up-to-date inventory of existing servers, virtual servers (infrastructure picture)
  • how can we see how healthy our systems are? (e.g.Nagios)
  • how can we show others how healthy they are?
  • who has access to what? systems? applications?
  • who gets notified when something is sick or goes down?
  • what can we automate?
  • let staff "manage" their own resources where possible
  • how far back do our backups go?
  • how much disk we use?
  • how much processor do we use?
  • is our infrastructure categories into levels of priority? (e.g. 24/7, development, production, not so often, etc.)


  • booking and inventory (sync with Designers)
  • Cisco

New Environment

  • build a new VM
    • Linux flavor for VMs
    • setup Puppet
  • consolidate DBs
  • organizing VMs (by function, project?)
  • what are our storage needs now? future?
  • can we set up a process for getting a new VM up and running with some basic app set?