IDI Website

IDI Values: Modular, user choice, Web-driven, collaborative

Project Infrastructure and Support

Implement, adapt, and integrate

Easy web hosting a la carte

  • CMS
    • for site?
  • Blog capabilities
    • can we set up an IDI planet aggregation of blogs?
  • Mailing list
    • advertise the mailman list names publicly
  • Document sharing
    • use Alfresco to start? authz access only

Development infrastructure

  • Links to
    • source code repositories
    • issue tracking
    • build and testing support
    • Test Swarm


  • Video conferencing
    • enumerate options
    • evaluate
    • short-term make something functinoal
    • longer-term make a plan
    • work toward an open, modular, extendable, and accessible system

Institute Infrastructure

Get involved with communities to improve an existing product

  • Booking
  • Inventory
  • LMS--ATutor

Design and Develop

Captioning (Universal Subtitles)
Web application accessibility (ARIA, jQuery, Infusion)
Mobile (floe)
ATutor + Standards

The IDI website will have user accounts that provide authorization to certain areas of the site. Researchers will have access to an inventory of equipment and facilities. The site will have a booking system for reserving equipment and facilities, and shipping.