Fluid Engage release overview

Engage 0.1

projected release Quarter 3, 2009
Fluid Engage Roadmap Q3


  • Import data from museums into Engage-specific database from XML and CSV
  • Museum data feed directly from/to Couch DB
  • On an iPhone, users can:
    1. Browse a collection of objects
    2. View information and pictures about an individual object
    3. Add tags to an object


  • CollectionBrowse
  • Tag
  • ArtifactView


  • Data importer
  • Couch DB database
  • Simple server-side deployment environment (Kettle)

Mobile Development Tools

  • mFSS theme for iPhone
  • ScreenNavigator component to provide native-like navigation on iPhone

Engage 0.3

projected release Quarter 4, 2009


  • Search
  • MyCollection
  • Refinements to Browse, ArtifactView, Tag
    • Support for different types of content and collections, e.g. special exhibits and featured objects
    • Deeper integration of components into a holistic mobile UX
  • Preliminary MapDisplay: show a vector-based map tagged with information of interest


  • User interface for importing data
  • Ability to access data feeds without using Couch DB (eg. for McCord)
  • Search service: Lucene plus REST interface for Lucene

Mobile Development Tools

  • mFSS theme for Android

Engage 0.5

projected release Quarter 1, 2010


  • More solid MapDisplay
  • Refinements and deeper integration of Browse, Search, View, Tag, Collect


  • TMS importer service of some kind

Engage "Labs"

  • Map authoring tool
  • Experimental 2D barcode support: ability to take a picture and see the ArtifactView page for it