Infusion 1.1 Roadmap

Infusion 1.1 is due to be released in late May, 2009. Bug fixes and new features include:


UI Options

  • Improved user experience across the board: all the little details
  • Easier to find: highlight links and inputs using colours


  • User-friendly APIs
  • Use of the ChangeApplier and support for transactions
  • Significant improvements and new features


  • Simplify the configuration options (less nesting) will be fulfilled by better documentation of the Uploader decorators
  • "Lightweight" inline Uploader: quick start example or a new template
  • User-initiated no-Flash graceful degradation (using a link in the UI or perhaps UI Options)
  • API for updating POST parameters



  • Improvements to jquery.tinymce plugin and progressive enhancement features

Build System

  • Web-based UI for creating custom builds
  • All-in-one FSS bundle (concatenating CSS)

Release Process

  • Simplify tagging/testing a release

Other Stuff

  • Promote some manual tests to real examples, convert others to unit tests
  • Last few bits of class name normalization