Floe Roadmap 0.1

The Floe Roadmap will be integrated with the Infusion 1.5 Release Status and the IDI/CFI Roadmaps. Floe deliverables include demonstrations of the capabilities of Floe transformations.

Floe 0.1:

  • new Inclusive Learning Handbook content (video, audio, pictures)
  • design work on ILH
  • pulling together Infusion building blocks (FSS, UI Options, Renderer, IoC)
  • working demo of ILH transforming for
    In 3 contexts: full desktop web, mobile, easy to read


1. Transformation in the Inclusive Learning Handbook

  • integrate UI Options & FSS
  • create template-based application for mobile and easy-to-read views
  • (content development)

2. Video Enhancement

  • Improve Video Player—basic functionality + solid captions support
  • Work alongside uSubs to improve captioning experience + integrate with Video Player


1. ILH design (prep for transformations)
2. ILH transformations (desktop web, mobile, easy to read)
3. video player + audio (early thinking and sketches)
4. harder transformations (deeper thinking re: transformations needs to begin)