FluidInfusion 0.6 Roadmap

Infusion 0.6 Roadmap

This release will be 0.6/0.7 and will come out December 17, 2008.

  • Uploader 2
    • New architecture: events and UploadManager
    • Refined and simplified design
    • Flash 10 support
    • Gears support for non-Flash users
    • Graceful degradation to a standard HTML form otherwise
  • UI Options:
    • Designs
    • Ported to a pure JavaScript Fluid component
    • Several pre-baked style templates
    • Ability to adjust common appearance settings: font size, colours, background, etc.
    • Live preview
  • Refined and reworked UX Walkthrough protocols
  • Refined and reworked user testing protocols
  • Date picker designs
  • Initial rich text and drop down Inline Edit configurations
  • Fluid Renderer:
    • Sample code and preliminary documentation
  • Review and release of existing patterns in OSDPL