Starting a Community Source Project

The following are some of the things that our Community Source projects have done to begin our projects.

This work reflects our particular projects and isn't meant to be a single solution – rather a marketplace for taking what works in a particular context and leaving the rest behind. See Fluid Communities' Resources for links to our community resources.

Collaboration Tools

wiki - Confluence
blog - Wordpress
website - CMSMS
ticket tracker - JIRA
code repository - SVN
meetings - Breeze/Connect
build server - demos

Project Management Tools

planning - JIRA filters
roadmapping - wiki pages
visualizing - Mindmanager

Community building (Meetings and Beyond)

calendar - Google Calendar is lightweight and is easy to setup a team calendar
how often to meet
processes and standards for contributions/behaviour

Licensing and Intellectual Property

commit processes

Event Planning

what is needed
mapping events for ppl.
getting group rates at hotels
planning excursions

Other Tools that might be helpful
Base Camp
Apache Software Foundation

Branding / Marketing

logo creation