Fluid 2013 Roadmap

UI Options

  • Design
    • user testing
    • new implementable wireframes
  • Architecture
    • pluggable preferences and panels
    • support for "wizarding"
  • Work with Cloud4all teams who will use and extend it:
    • Floating panel (Astea)
    • Preferences Editor/Wizard (Fraunhofer + CERTH)
  • Integration with Preferences server
    • includes support for A4A flat preferences transformation
    • define core A4A terms to avoid the crazier sorts of transformations we do currently
  • Mobile and responsiveness

Preferences Server

  • Stable integration with UI Options
  • Integration with OERC and other sites
  • Security architecture and road map
    • Integration with OAuth + BDigital's Security Gateway
    • API key system for accessing REST APIs
    • Plan for integrating with Mozilla Persona

Video Player

  • Finish the core features
    • Support YouTube videos
    • Awesome-looking fullscreen mode
    • Factoring
    • Bugs
  • Determine relationship with UIO and relationship to Infusion
  • Integrate everywhere we can

Content Metadata Components

  • Automatic generation of metadata
    • extract code and user interface from OER Commons
  • Core features:
    • analyse HTML pages for:
      • alt text on images
      • captions for video and audio
      • transcripts for video and audio
  • Editing/annotation components
    • Design
    • Build
    • Core features:
      • grade and learning level (select or add new categorization)
      • learning style (same)
      • modes and controls
        • high contrast
        • flexible display
        • keyboard
        • AT API support (i.e. ARIA)
        • I've tested this with an AT? (Link to ask community/vendor for help)
      • alternatives and relationships
        • link to other content, in system or elsewhere
  • Harmonize IMS AccessForAll with Registry-based ISO terms

GPII Registry & Unified Listing

  • Architecture
  • Basic UI rendering support in "Kettle"
  • Build skeleton server and mentor Astea to continue developing it

Web App and Browser-based Personalization

  • API for web apps to access preferences locally, anonymously
  • Jetpack extension to allow the above in Firefox

Personalized search and browse

  • API for indexing pages by metadata?
  • search by personal need
  • browse by personal need
  • search & browse by list of needs
  • this is probably the hardest to do generically?

Ongoing Accessibility Support, Design, and Capacity-Building

  • Inclusive Learning Handbook
    • advice on ePub accessibility
    • new tutorials
  • Continuing to help improve OER Commons' accessibility
  • Help PhET with Canvas-based accessibility
  • Integration with other OER authoring tools and more

Later for VideoPlayer:

  • support for described video
  • mobile support, starting with iPad
  • audio playback


  1. Finish UIO user testing
    • stable wireframes for implementation
    • support for C4A preferences editing efforts
  2. Content metadata user interfaces (feedback in an authoring environment so they can see what needs a resource meets)
    • what do editing or annotation UIs look like?
    • is there anything relevant to UIO designs or Vid. player?
      **any overlap or interaction?
  3. Learning to Learn: conceptualize and begin designing
  4. Implementation (support development and integration teams with design work)