FluidEngage 0.3 Release Plan

Engage 0.3 Release Plan

Screens and Components in Engage Mobile 0.3


  • Home (P1)
  • Language preferences (P1)
    • Splash screen (P1)
    • Change language (P2)
  • Object code entry (P1)
    • Need to coordinate with Hugues to get the object codes
  • Artifact View (P1)
    • Includes navigation from object code entry to view (P1)
    • Also the ability to tap collect/uncollect (P1)
    • Commenting (P1)
    • Audio/video for an artifact (P1)
    • Overlayed, fading confirmation button for navigating to View (P3)
    • Ability to navigate through multiple images for one artifact (P3)
    • Sharing (P4)
    • Related artifacts (P5)
  • My Collection (P1)
    • Grid and list view (P1)
    • Desktop my collection (P1)
    • Drag and drop (P5)
    • Tap warning message to go to login page
  • Visitor Information (P5)
  • Exhibitions (P1)
    • Browse (P1)
    • Catalogue (P1)
    • Guestbook (P1)
    • About (P2)
    • Events (P4)
  • Login (P1)
    • Email address (P1)
    • Password (P3)