1.0 Retrospective

About the Retrospective

The Fluid 1.0 retrospective meeting is an opportunity for community members to get together and talk about what worked well and what needs to be improved in our shared design/development process. Based on this reflection, we'll come up with specific actions and we'll volunteer to be champions for specific tasks. A champion is not necessarily expected to accomplish the action, but rather to help remind people of the importance of the goal and ensure that it stays on our radar.

This is a very informal opportunity for us to reminisce.  As Michelle put it, it's an end-of-year-party, we should sit around with our drinks and talk about what we did. 

So, folks, bring your beverage of choice and your memories and let's reminisce.  Also, think of the 15 minutes not as an assignment to fill up, but an opportunity to tell your story and not feel rushed.  I suspect some stories may take much less time.  I think this is a great moment for us to have fun with each other: remember the APIs from back in 0.5, remember how difficult UI Options felt, remember how we figured out how to automate some of our testing, how we came up with snowballs and rectangles to describe our processes, how much grief uploader has caused us, how we rename things, and how we got to this place where we have amazing components.

So, let's remember together and please don't feel as though this needs to be a formal presentation -- just bring memories and stories.


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