Child Safeguarding Policy

The IDRC is committed to the dignity, respect for, and safety of everyone touched directly or indirectly by its activities, but also recognizes children as an especially marginalized and vulnerable population requiring special consideration.

Where children’s vulnerability and marginalization intersects with other forms of marginalization such as (but not limited to) intellectual or physical disability, it is additionally incumbent upon those working with them to exercise care and respect for those multiple contexts. The IDRC conceives of disability as a mismatch between the needs of the individual and the design of the product, system or service, and strives in its work to evolve technology and society towards rectifying these mismatches.

The IDRC has developed this policy as part of its work with the Oak Foundation, and acknowledges the assistance of Keeping Children Safe in its development, and the child safeguarding policy of CBM for inspiration and language.

PDF: IDRC Child Safeguarding Policy