FluidInfusion 1.0 Roadmap

Infusion 1.0 Roadmap

Infusion 1.0 is due to be released in late March, 2009. New features, bug fixes, and general polish will be added to the following areas:

Component library

  • Pager:
    complete highlight column
    data binding and invalidation models (renderer-related)
    test cases
  • Renderer:
    split off data binding
    invalidation models (pager-related)
    API improvements
  • Reorderer:
    JIRA gardening
  • Fluid Skinning System (FSS)
    finish skins and develop a skinning tool
  • UI Options:
    'easier to see'
    'easier to find'
    wireframes, access for all spec, table of contents, grey scale skins
  • Uploader:
    a-grade browser check-off
    improved error handling designs
    truncation of long filenames
  • automated build process
  • documentation/tutorials
    overview documentation
    full framework coverage
    full api coverage
    full tutorial coverage
    info re-architecture of docs

Design Handbook

  • User Testing
  • Walkthroughs
  • overall refresh

VU Lab

  • create sample data for database
  • john c – touch in on other design work (get stuff into SVN)
  • documentation extra test
  • testing from others (app design, functionality, and documentation)
  • dry run of packaging
  • final walkthrough


  • testing
  • getting more patterns into library

Infusion 1.0 Wish List
The 1.0 Wish List is a more detailed view of the deliverables for Fluid 1.0