Adding CLA Assistant to a GitHub Organization

CLA Assistant provides an automated way of collecting digital signatures for our Contributor License Agreement (CLA). CLA assistant can be setup on a per organization or per repo basis and will require that all contributors agree to our CLA, before the check will pass on a Pull Request.

Setting up CLA

NOTE: You must have admin privileges for the organization that you will link CLA Assistant too.

  1. Log in to with your GitHub account
  2. Select "Configure CLA"
    1. A dialog will open requiring a few fields to be filled out
    2. Choose the organization or repo you'd like to link to CLA Assistant
    3. Choose the appropriate CLA
      1. if the FLUID CLA is not available, you can use add the Gist
    4. Add any requirements. For our current organizations we have not specified any.
    5. Select Link
  3. The organization/repo should show up in the list of linked organizations or repos. Those lists will show the status and allow for further edits.