Switching Modes

  • The user can switch between Capture and Remaster mode on demand. Each mode offers different functionality for a different stage of workflow, but some core functionality is maintained throughout.


  1. User starts in Capture mode if beginning a new book from the Decapod Dashboard.
  2. When the user wants to proceed to Remastering, they select the Remaster button.
  3. A warning dialog would appear to inform the user switching from Capture to Remastering may take a while.
    • (warning) The exact design of this dialog is to be determined.
  4. Assuming the user wants to proceed to remastering, the system would process any unprocessed photos in the current project (i.e. unsplit, unmerged, unwarped). This could take a while.
  5. User can switch back to Capture mode by selecting the "Capture" button.
  6. Switching from Remaster to Capture triggers a Save dialog visible to the user.