Decapod Development Planning

This document is deprecated

This document outlines the design and development priority for Decapod


  • resume book
  • load book
  • delete book
  • batch export
  • batch delete
  • enter basic metadata

Camera Setup Wizard

  • Camera zoom control
  • Camera connection dialog
  • Field of view dialog
  • Calibration dialog


  • drag and drop
  • keyboard move thumbnail
  • change page order by editing page number
  • jump to thumbnail by typing page number

Capture Interface

  • capture spread
  • delete spread
  • drag and drop spread
  • cut and paste spread
  • insert spread
  • post-capture processing
  • normalization correction
  • automatic save
  • resizeable thumbnail pane
  • automatic capture

Page Segmentation Correction

  • show current information flow, regions and classifications
  • add a new region
  • resize a region
  • redraw a region
  • delete a region
  • reclassify a region
  • change information flow order
  • restore "default" system generated page segmentation (i.e. discard user changes)

Page Metadata

  • edit page numbering
  • recatgorize page: cover, table of contents, blank, missing, to do, alt. numbering, index. (there may be a better convention / standard for this kind of metadata).


  • Export to scalable PDF
  • Export to TIFF
  • Export to Image PDF
  • Export to Image PDF with OCR text
  • export to user specified location
  • prompt to view exported file after process complete

UI Backend

  • book states
  • metadata
  • saving books
  • deleting books
  • undo action
  • redo action
  • perform page segmentation on a single spread
  • perform page segmentation on all spreads in a book
  • perform page segmentation with user corrections
  • normalize a spread
  • normalize a spread with user corrections
  • generate thumbnail for spread
  • check and regenerate thumbnail for a spread

Export Process

  • Character segmentation
  • Tokenization
  • Glyph generation

Book Management

  • handle multiple books