Early Decapod 0.3 Deliverable Wireframe

These designs are low-fidelity and do not convey a particular look and feel since the 1st deliverable is a demonstrator.

(warning) Export to PDF link is missing from the above wireframes.

  • Image 1: Decapod started. No images captured yet.
  • Image 2: User clicks on "Take Picture". (Assumption, camera is properly positioned and calibrated)
  • Image 3: Image captured is displayed in the thumbnail list and becomes selected. 1
  • Image 4: User clicks on "Take Picture" again.
  • Image 5: Second image appears at the end of the thumbnail list and the new image is selected. 2

1 Selected thumbnails are displayed larger in the right panel.
1 Unfixed images are distinctive from fixed images - indicated by a different colour title bar and the tag "unfixed"

2 Whenever an image is captured, it becomes selected, and any previous selection is deselected.
2 Any new captures are added to the bottom of the thumbnail list.

  • User can reorder images as per Fluid Image Reorderer.

(warning) Export to PDF link is missing from the above wireframes.

  • Image 1: An unfixed image is selected.
  • Image 2: Fix Image button is pressed.
  • Image 3: A progress bar appears over the UI, and the UI fades in the background.
  • Image 4: Fixing is done. Progress bar disappears. Thumbnail and enlarged image are replaced with fixed image. Fix Image Button becomes disabled, and Compare Before/After button becomes enabled. A status message slides down from the top of the interface.
  • Image 5: A status message is fully extended and readable by user.
  • Image 6: Status message lingers for a moment and then retracts.
  • Image 7: Compare Before / After is pressed.
  • Image 8: A modal dialog appears over the UI showing the results of the image fixing by showing the before image and the after image. The UI fades in the background.
  • Image 9: Close is pressed.
  • Image 10: Done.
  • Image 1: Two pages are captured, both unfixed.
  • Image 2: Export to PDF link is pressed. The UI fades and a warning dialog appears telling the user that unfixed photos will be fixed prior to exporting. 1
  • Image 3: Okay is pressed to advance to the export process. If Cancel is pressed, then the Export process is aborted and the user is returned to the UI.
  • Image 4: A progress dialog appears to show that images are being perspectively corrected. 2
  • Image 5: After images are corrected, the progress indicator changes to show that the PDF is being generated.
  • Image 6: Once the PDF generation is complete, the progress dialog disappears, and a system Save As dialog appears to save the PDF file to a user-specified location.
  • Image 7: Okay is pressed.
  • Image 8: PDF is saved. A status message begins to slide into view.
  • Image 9: Status message is completely viewable.
  • Image 10: Status message recedes out of view.
  • Image 11: Done. Images are fixed. PDF has been generated.

1 If all images are already fixed prior to clicking Export to PDF, then the warning dialog should no appear.

2 As images are fixed, the thumbnails are replaced with straightened versions, and thumbnail title bars are changed to a default colour and "Unfixed" tag removed.