Decapod - 0.5y Deliverable

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This document has been deprecated


The 0.5y deliverable is slated for late 2009. This deliverable demonstrates a small slice of the larger Decapod workflow and the direction we are heading in the months to come. This deliverable can be seen as a first iteration on the Detailed View user interface. The UI of this deliverable is a stripped down version of the Detailed View and some extra functionality for demonstration purposes (i.e. the Before and After image correction comparison).


The 0.5y demo will be a single camera setup performing perspective correction on flat pages/books, and capable of exporting to image PDF.

By project end (April 2011), Decapod will use two cameras for three-dimensional dewarping and export to dynamic font generated PDF that is reflowable. More information about the scope of this project is available in the Decapod Grant and the Decapod Workflow.


Early Decapod 0.3 Deliverable Wireframe illustrates visually the kinds of interactions that will be possible in the 0.5y deliverable.


The following is the proposed list of functionality, prioritized for development.

Priority scale: lowest - low - moderate - high - required


  • Displaying of thumbnails FLUID-3313
  • Display selected image in the main Capture view screen FLUID-3314
  • Capture from single camera
  • Perspective correction of single image by pressing button
  • Perspective correction for all images by activating a single link prior to export to PDF
  • Export all images in thumbnail sequence to PDF
  • Progress bar or some sort of busy indicator during perspective correction


  • Compare uncorrected and corrected image


  • Reordering thumbnails.
  • Delete selected image.


  • Camera zoom (if supported by the camera).
  • Sliding feedback messages (simple implementation could be a fixed status message area on the UI).


  • None