Decapod User Workflow with Structured Light

Structured Light Process

Hardware Setup

  1. mount camera and projector stacked and aimed at the same location
  2. Setup camera and projector perpendicular to flat work surface
  3. Fix hardware in place

Calibrate the camera:

  1. Project grid onto flat work surface. Take picture.
  2. Place open book in front of camera. Ensure the book spread is viewable.

Capture Phase

  1. Open to spread
  2. Turn on projector, project the grid
  3. Take picture of spread with grid.
  4. Turn off projector
  5. Optional: Turn on any additional lighting (could be the projector)
  6. Take picture of spread without grid
  7. Repeat for book


  • Structured light requires that the book be opened flat
  • Working surface must be perpendicular to camera lens
  • Curvature of book surface may cause text to be out of focus. This would cause some quality issues on export
    • Could this be overcome by:
      • Using a sufficiently high aperture, and front focusing on the text closest to the camera lens
      • Flattening the book surface