Decapod Dashboard

This design has not been user tested yet.


This is the initial screen users will see when loading Decapod. From this screen users can create new book projects, or continue previously saved projects. They can also manage multiple saved projects from this interface as well.


  • Above: User's initial view after a few other books have been started.
  • There are three main panels: start a new book, saved books, and remaster process queue.
  • Each panel can be minimized and dragged around like movable portlets. (Interaction needs to be finalized)

  • User about to start a new book after entering some metadata.

Metadata Error Detection

  • Metadata error detection.

Resuming Book

  • User selects a book to resume and selects Open.
  • If metadata is long horizontally, then each individual metadata field should be truncated with an ellipsis rather than have a horizontal scrollbar.
    (warning) Note: The interaction for opening multiple books has not been finalized.

Maximize and Minimize Dashboard Panels

Drag and Drop Panels

Batch Export Books

See Batch Export

Wireframe (Old - to be replaced)

Other Notes

  • When resuming a book from this interface, the book should load into the appropriate stage in the workflow (capture or remaster), with the previously selected image already selected.