Decapod Work Primer


This guide is intended to help connect someone who is not familiar with Decapod to resources to help them get oriented and working on the project.

Project Scope

The executive overview gives a good summary of the goals and scope of the Decapod project. For more details, the full grant document is available.

Project Communication / Coordination

  • Fluid IRC channel - An open place to have conversations and where others who may have expertise can join in discussions. A good place to talk about specific work issues (i.e. coding issues, design questions, etc.)
  • Decapod Mailing List - Public mailing whose members include people from other organizations who have taken an interest in the project. A good place to discuss project related issues such as: high level changes to development and design, scheduling meetings, and sharing ideas and thoughts.
  • Skype - for voice chat and face to face meetings.
  • Google Calendar - A private calendar for scheduling. Members are added and removed from this as required.

Some projects members also use:

  • gtalk
  • ICQ

Project Members

(Updated June 20, 2011)

  • Jess Mitchell - Project Coordinator
  • Thomas Bruel - Co-lead
  • Colin Clark - Technical Lead
  • Jonathan Hung - Designer
  • James Yoon - Designer
  • Martin Krämer - Developer
  • Muhammad Zeshan Afza - Developer
  • Justin Obara - Developer

Project Webpages