Decapod License


Decapod is released under the Apache 2 license, making it widely compatible with a variety of open source licenses as well as commercial code.

All documentation is available under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

Contributor License Agreements

The Fluid community asks each contributor to sign a Contributor License Agreement, which provides a clear agreement to share code under terms amenable to Decapod's licensing strategy. In order to legally publish source code in the Decapod repository, the University of Toronto needs permission from the creators of the code and from the organizations for which they work. The following agreements are provided for this purpose:

Signed agreements should be faxed to Iris Neher at the IDRC at (416) 977-6000 ext 3951.

Source Code Licenses

A comprehensive list of third-party dependencies for Decapod, along with their respective licenses, is available in the Decapod README file in our source code repository.