Decapod Administrator Guide

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All of the strings used in the User Interfaces can be modified by changing the text in messages.js.
see: UI Localization

Note: You may only insert markup into instances that already contain markup as the default value. Adding markup into any other instance will likely result in the markup being rendered out as text.

Client-Server relationship

Decapod 0.7 is designed around 4 servers: Calibration, Capture, Dewarp, and Export. While all of these will be checked out together, you have the option to run any number of them on your machine at a given time. In this way you can only activate the servers for the services you need. You may also wish to distribute the work across various servers or machines.

With the exception of Capture and Dewarp, you are able to have the Decapod client and server running on separate machines. Capture requires the server to interact with the cameras, and Dewarp relies on a python based colour picker in the server to select the page separator and background colours.

Configuring the servers

The 4 Decapod servers are implemented using Cherrypy, with the configuration for each in a Cherrypy config file.

see: Decapod 0.7 Cherrypy Server Configuration

User Interface Component Configuration

Decapod 0.7 Calibration User Interface Configuration
Decapod 0.7 Capture User Interface Configuration
Decapod 0.7 Dewarp User Interface Configuration
Decapod 0.7 Export User Interface Configuration