Dashboard Batch Export

  1. User selects books to export and selects "Export" button. A disclosure menu appears and the user selects their export format.
  2. The Batch Export interface - user can add, delete, pause, and cancel work (similar to the Uploader). A status text area reports progress to the user.
  3. The user has selected "Add more" and now can select additional books to add to the queue. Processing automatically begins upon returning to the Batch Export screen.
  4. The export process is complete. User can add more books to the queue, or select Done to return to the main Dashboard page.
    • Cancel button is disabled since all work is complete.
    • Check mark icons replace the "busy" hourglass icon to indicate a book has been processed.

Error Case

In the event of an error during batch exporting, the appropriate book is flagged with an error icon. To see the error message(s), the user selects the "View Error" link and a dialog will appear giving them an appropriate message.