Menu Bar

This wireframe is based on the v9 prototype.

  • Summary: Saving of the Decapod project is done automatically after every user action since majority of actions will be significant. Even though saves are done automatically, for user's comfort, a clickable Save function is available.


  1. Save is selected by user.
  2. System saves any changes.
  3. Once saving complete
    • a status message appears on screen: "Save successful."
    • Below the menu bar, short text will tell the user when the document was last saved.
      • If less than 10 minutes, the text will say: "Saved X minutes ago"
      • If greater or equal to 10 minutes, the text will state the time of the last save: "Saved hh:mm".

Saves can be frequent, therefore saving actions should not cause a page refresh.

  • Summary: Activating the Edit link will reveal a menu for Undo, Redo, and Edit Metadata.


  1. Edit link is activated.
    • Note: The Edit link and the downward arrow do the same thing.
  2. A menu appears just below the "Edit" link text displaying the Edit options: Undo, Redo, and Edit Metadata.


  • Undo and Redo will be greyed out / disabled if there are no actions to perform.
  • Undo and Redo history should be saved for the entire document session.
  • Closing the document will clear the history.
  • Saving the document should not clear the history.

See Metadata Editor.

  • Summary: Brings up the Decapod Options dialog. (i.e. "Enable/Disable audio notifications", "automatic saving", "automatic processing", etc.)
  • (warning) Exact options to be designed.

See Export from Capture Mode.
See Export from Remaster Mode.

  • Summary: Exports the book project into either PDF or multi-page TIFF.
  1. Selecting Export will reveal a menu just below the "Export" menu text.
  2. User can select either "Export to PDF" or "Export to TIFF".
  • Summary: Returns the user back to the Dashboard.


  1. User selects Close.
  2. Dialog box appears and informs user that document is being saved. (Ensure that this dialog appears for at least 2 seconds).
  3. Interface switches from Capture / Remastering UI to the Decapod Dashboard interface.

See Keyboard Access.

See Switching Modes.

  • The user can switch between Capture and Remaster mode on demand. Each mode offers different functionality for a different stage of workflow, but some core functionality is maintained throughout.