Camera Setup Wizard

This design has not been user tested yet.

The Camera Setup Wizard guides the user through connecting a pair of cameras to the Decapod computer, calibrating the cameras, and marking the center fold of the book.

If the user is attempting to capture images for the first time that sitting, the wizard will appear to them.


Step 1: Hardware setup

  • Textual and visual guide to setup tripod, accessory bar, cameras, cables, and cradle.
  • Pressing Next will check that the system can communicate with the cameras. If there is a problem, it is reported to the user.

Step 2: Calibrate Cameras

  • User goes through the calibration cycle.
  • They repeat this step until enough samples are taken for proper calibration.

Step 3: Position book

  • User is asked to position the book within the field of view of both cameras.
  • This cycle repeats until the user is satisfied.

Step 4: Mark Center

  • The user marks the center of the book by drawing a box around the middle.