Scenario - Resuming Decapod Document and Exporting


This end-to-end scenario is based on current understanding of the Decapod Workflow and Decapod 1.0 Early Wireframes. Images are linked in from current wireframe documents.

Missing Remastering

This keypath scenario is missing the remastering phase for output generation.

Scenario: Resuming a Decapod Document and Exporting to PDF

Decapod launched.

Decapod Dashboard

User selects "Archaeology of Early Buddhism",
then presses Open.

Decapod Dashboard

The file opens. The image selected on the
last save is selected upon loading.

Detailed and Thumbnail View

User wants to export to PDF and TIFF formats.
Presses Save. The Save dialog appears over
the faded interface.

User selects Acrobat PDF and clicks Save.

User is prompted for any additional information
prior to continuing.

Pressing Save begins the PDF generation process.
The user is shown a progress dialog so they can
better estimate for themselves how long the whole
process is going to take.

After saving the PDF file, the interface
returns to a normal state but with a status
message and the thumbnails/images all processed.