(SJRK) May 2, 2019 Partners Meeting

Present: Liam, Michelle, Dana, Silvia


Events Listings

  • Which events to include? TIG has a lot!
  • Anything directly related to SJRK, but also anything that other people connected to the project might find useful or interesting
  • Does it need to have images or links? No, not necessary


  • Have been sent out to partners
  • Small amount of customization and localization for the partners - addresses etc, once TIG has these they can move on it
  • Haven’t heard back since 17th
  • Partners haven’t joined calls in last 2 weeks
    • Maybe send an email (Dana) - checking in, and Liam can check in about contract too
    • Are there things you need to talk about in your project - what challenges etc
    • Is it because of the holidays?
  • Silvia - director of FUTCO is away on holiday until next week

SDG Toolkit

  • Moving forward - have talked to Jay - contractor
  • Weekly meetings are happening
  • Will have initial draft of different sections of activity guide in about a week
    • Section for facilitators, 15 5’s,


Email Update

  • we can share some pictures as well which we took during field visits and also during follow up activities with youth groups.
  • We are currently working on our events calendar since we never had one and will share it soon


Upcoming Events

  • CAVA Aug 21,22,23  https://cava-conference.info/cava/cava2019/
    • Situation of open education in the Latin America
    • State of inclusive education in Latin America
    • 3rd day - set of workshops https://www.facebook.com/cavaconference/
      • Robotics, game-based learning, critical thinking, co-creating with deaf people,
    • Could we do an inclusive co-design workshop - like the one in Toronto last year - how to make decisions in an inclusive way - inclusive co-design of solutions for educational settings
    • Would it be possible to do this same workshop with the government in Cartagena - maybe the day before CAVA? August 20
    • We could include some information about the work we’ve done with SJRK
    • Different topics, not just OpenEd
    • Call for papers -
    • Invited speakers (including Jutta)
    • Each person will talk about their experience
    • Government involvement - preparing some panels
    • When Roberto and Elbert came back to Cartagena from Toronto - they worked with the Cartagena government based on what we did in Toronto at DEEP
    • Some funding provided by government and university - will have translation provided (English and ASL)
  • First day dedicated to another event Aug 22 - https://openedforum.org/
  • August 24 - SJRK event - for young people working with FUTCO on the project
    • Organised by Environmental Guardians, but it’s not only for the Guardians
    • Inviting any groups that are not yet included in the project
    • Present SJRK results to everyone, make space for co-creation,
    • Chicos Ragga will present their music / the album they’ve been working on
    • Other music groups, art groups - environmental arts
    • We have a draft agenda - Silvia will send preliminary agenda and descriptions for webpage in the next week
  • Would be great to have Liam there too!
  • Silvia sent an invitation to Karisma too - is there some funding we could provide? Sent invite to Juli and Pilar - Juliana is not sure as she’ll be in Spain

Other Events

  • Will include some past events - will do


  • Working with the Guardians - once/week
  • Working with 2 other groups on resources - MOOCS
    • When there is something concrete it would be good to meet together to exchange ideas about that
  • Chicos Ragga are working on the lyrics of their songs
  • They will record their album in Medellín - a branch of Sony

  • Will we have a face to face meeting in October again?
    • Not sure - DEEP format might be changing
    • Will keep everyone posted!