(SJRK) Partners Meeting Notes April 3, 2018

Present: Dana, Liam, Michelle, Silvia

2017 deliverables

  • Need invoice from TIG to start process of payment

  • See email of March 5 from Karisma/Michael - confirm/reply to email (Dana) - DONE


IDRC - storytelling - working toward story sprints


  • Connecting the dots across projects

  • Starts with storytelling tool - Tala Noa - UN climate folks - connect Indigenous storytelling

  • Decarbonize/Decolonize - align with Talanoa - use storytelling tool as public-facing collector -

  • Canada Service Core - Story mapping - across Canada - is geolocation currently a part of tool?

  • Polar bears international - inter-polar storytelling piece - have content and interviews - UN Climate

  • Lapi from norway

  • Create to Learn pilot also - 40 indigenous young people to create media

  • The more contexts we know about up front, it can inform the design and implementation

  • Who’s Land - Videos / site

  • Consider - content coming in / content going out - does it makes sense in terms of how the tool works

  • E.g. geolocating

  • Latest implementation of learning reflections site: https://stories.floeproject.org/

Canada Service Core initiative

  • We were possibly going to apply for it - where is this at?

    • UPDATE: checked in with Jess and it sounds like we decided that the IDRC isn’t really a fit for this because we are not a youth-focused organisation (and we don’t have the infrastructure related to youth and employment) - Jess had discussed with Michael at TIG - that we would support them applying for it, but it sounds like they can’t since they’ve already got other funding from this source. Jess and Vera had also discussed applying in relation to the Big Ideas project - not sure where this is at since Vera has been away and won’t be back until tomorrow.

  • Looking for an inclusion metric

  • 2 components - mini-grants that we give away, and broad Canadian consortium (10 partners across Canada)

  • Goal to reach 50% or more to reach those who wouldn’t normally access it - would be more likely if all partners could be more inclusive from tech and programmatic perspective - useful for them as well as for more inclusive Canada - rather than TIG trying to meet the 50% on their own

  • Looking at AODA training - websites produced as part of this project

  • Train the trainers - back to national partners - as they are building their sites and programs


  • 2 events this month

  • 1. international forum (Medellin) - Juliana may be able to join

  • 2. SJRK in Cartagena (Saturday 28 April 4pm-8pm) - With US! :)

    • 6pm ET to do a video call on April 28

    • 250 people - youth from Cartegena from different youth movements

    • Government will be there as well

    • 20 minutes or so to talk about projects

    • Want youth to feel connected - to us, to others around the world - we talk about ourselves, our role in project, how we can be connected

    • Organize discussion groups of 15 - share experience around 2 or 3 questions about importance of diversity, how to make change in society in terms of inclusion

    • Present back to larger group - take ideas and write a paper - put paper in platform, and give to government

    • Food and drinks!

    • Use storytelling tool - want to promote it in the event

    • From 4-5pm Colombia time (5-6pm ET) - presentations

    • 6-7 ET - sharing experiences (members of SJRK project)

    • 7-8 ET - working / discussion groups

    • 8-9 ET -  food and drink

  • April 11 for a meeting to show the deliverables of first part ??

    • Silvia will send an email to find a day/time

    • Perhaps we can use the partner’s meeting on the 17th - will check with everyone

  • DEEP dates?  Oct 10-11 2018 (same dates as OpenEd 2018 which Silvia is planning to attend)

    • Plan for SJRK meeting on 12th (Friday)

    • Check the dates - confirmed that it is happening at same time as OpenEd :(