New Decapod Features to Roadmap


  • Improve packaging and installation process:
    • Download each dependency manually
    • Download entire Decapod package with everything included ("download once, install anywhere") DECA-197@JIRA
    • Download and install Decapod as needed ("download and install each component separately") DECA-198@JIRA

High priority

Export Resolution

  • New feature: ability to specify output resolution. (for type 1 and 2, and image based output). DECA-207@JIRA

Moderate priority

Uninstaller: DECA-197@JIRA DECA-198@JIRA

  • At least some documentation on how to uninstall.

Page Ordering

  • Import file ordering: Often images are ordered by filename, and Decapod does not preserve this ordering if importing out of order. (question) Is this true?
  • Approach: Allow the user to manually sort the order of files DECA-199@JIRA

Low priority

Straighten and Orientation

  • Task: review orientation and straightening designs for manual and automatic modes.
  • Create a design for orientation correction. DECA-200@JIRA
  • Create a design for deskewing DECA-201@JIRA

Nice to have and not essential

  • nothing

Already done

Issue: It may not be clear on how to customize parts of Decapod (i.e. strings, functionality parameters, appearance)

  • i.e. changing the file size limit for Uploader requires the user to edit the import demands .js file.
  • Approach: Use good defaults to satisfy the majority case and use documentation for the remainder.


DECA-168@JIRA, DECA-118@JIRA Implement a mechanism for client side filtering by file type



Not to be implemented

Quality Assurance

  • Using Zoom as a QA tool. Is the Zoom / Loupe design sufficient? Is this meaningless for 600DPI scanned images? DECA-202@JIRA

DPI as a Metric

  • Research into effective / true DPI calculations and determine if it is useful. Experiment with 10MP cameras and determine if DPI is an issue. DECA-203@JIRA
  • For more on the end user's use of DPI, see notes below.

Issue: Each work in Decapod needs to be identifiable.

  • Exported files be named according to its metadata and export options. DECA-206@JIRA
  • Metadata authoring: ID, Title, Author. DECA-204@JIRA
  • Export metadata as a text file to accompany exported file. DECA-205@JIRA

Export Queue roadmap planning
Issue: Work typically progresses one book at a time. Raises the question of the priority of an Export Queue.
1. Continue with single file export model.
2. User test when genpdf is stable.
3. Determine if Export Queue is necessary.

Fancy Import UI

  • A directory chooser within the page so the user doesn't have to browse.
  • For a selected directory, a list of thumbnails are presented and selectable for import.

Export pages

  • store multiple exports per book
  • view exports from export queue
  • save / copy exports from export queue
  • pause export
  • cancel export
  • resume export from scratch if client quits
  • resume export from last state if client quits
  • export exit warning
  • ability to access existing exports and save to a different location