Pie Chart Authoring Tool Designs

In order to begin to explore the sonification of charts and data, the team is building a pie chart authoring tool that will allow for both visual and an auditory authoring and editing. This is a first step in developing more complex authoring tools for data sonification. 

The following mockups show iterations made on the design in progress.

(Sept 11 2015) CA Tool-Interactive Version.pdf

(Sept 11 2015) CA Tool [Version 3.1] copy.pdf 

(Aug 28 2015) CA Tool [Version 4].pdf

(Aug 28 2015) CA Tool [Mobile Version].pdf 

(Aug 28 2015) CA Tool [Version 1].pdf

The following wireframes display 4 phases of the pie chart tool development. In the first phase, only the essential features are integrated. In the following phases, additional features are integrated to enable customization of the entire chart as well as its individual sections:

(April 29 2015) Pie Chart Tool.pdf