Pressbooks Accessibility Analysis

Work in Progress

This document is work in progress.


Colour and Contrast

  • Sidebar hover text color #d4002d not AAA against white background
  • Link focus styling is not obvious and same as hover styling.


Adding Content

  • Adding a new Chapter to a Part places it into the chosen Part. But using the "Add New Chapter" button changes the Part into a different part. Example:
    • There are two parts: "Act 1" and "Act 2".
    • Go to Text > Organize > Add Chapter "Scene 1" to "Act 2"
    • Publish "Scene 1". Immediately choose the "Add New Chapter" button which appears at the top.
    • Notice that the new chapter entry page defaults the Part drop-down to "Act 1" not "Act 2" as expected.
  • Text editor
    • The non-graphical editor does not have structure tags as buttons on toolbar (i.e. H1, H2, H3)
  • SVG image format is not supported.

Date Chooser

  • Tabbing to text fields with date chooser opens date chooser, but it's not possible to put focus into the date chooser. Pressing enter picks the current date in the chooser.


  • Save button is inconsistent locations and behaviour
    • Sometimes Save is at top-right sidebar, sometimes at bottom
    • Some pages don't have explicit save buttons even though you can edit the page.
  • Parts must have body text - won't allow it to be blank.


Wish List

  • Markdown batch importer