Sonification Prototyping Tool

Work in progress


  1. Collaborative design

    1. User working with a facilitator to experiment with audio within the defined parameters and environment

  2. Remote testing

    1. Easily shared for remote users

  3. Formal user testing

    1. Lock the environment so the user can not change any parameters - the interaction is restricted to what has been defined in advance.

Use Cases


  • The environment can be locked and unlocked
    • When locked, the user can only experiment within what has been defined by the author.
    • When unlocked, the user can experiment and try new things.
    • Locks can be applied per control, or to the entire environment.
  • Choose different parameters

    • from Exploration and Early Sketches:
      • Pitch
      • Scale
      • Timbre
      • Tempo
      • Rhythm
      • Density
      • Energy
      • Harmonic relationships
      • Brightness
      • Roughness
      • Spatial location
      • Volume
      • Length of time/ duration
    • Stereo / mono
    • Loop

  • Instrumentation
    • Use of pre-recorded and generated sounds

    • Import / add new sounds

  • Configuration

    • pre-script above effects or change them on the fly

    • bind sound to states and model values

      • using events

  • ability to log, record, or save tool session so you can re-try combinations or examine what a user has done.