Invitation to Participate in a Research Study

At the Inclusive Design Research Centre (IDRC) in Toronto, we are working on a chart-authoring tool that will help create accessible charts where data can be seen as well as heard. We would like to explore and test the usability of our design with people who are blind or visually impaired who use a screen reader with their computing devices. We would also like to test it with people who are sighted because we believe that the design will benefit everyone, including those who can view the charts visually. 

English-speaking adults, who are blind or visually impaired and use a screen reader, as well as those who are sighted, are welcome to participate in the study.

If you live in Toronto or Vancouver, you could participate in-person. If you live anywhere else, you could participate through video conferencing.

The test session will take no more than 60 minutes and you will receive $40 in compensation.

In case you are interested in participating in our study, please contact Sepideh Shahi at