The Inclusive Design Guide



  • create an engaging "way in" to the Inclusive Learning Design Handbook
  • provide a starting point from which users interested in learning how to do inclusive design can dive deeper
  • create an easier-to-consume, concise and engaging set of guidelines for inclusive design
  • provide an example of an OER:
    • by helping to educate a broad audience about the practice of inclusive design
    • by providing practical steps that can be taken to create inclusive resources
    • by introducing common language around inclusive design
    • by developing the cards into an online authoring environment that will allow:
      • navigation and use through digital interaction
      • feedback and contributions from the community
      • alteration of the guidelines for a given context (e.g. by creating and/or printing a subset of the cards, or by "branding" the cards as needed)

From the Prosperity for All DoW:

  • Identify good practice guidelines for internal project use as they pertain to business practices, infrastructure design and user experience design for required transactions.
  • Outline initial good practice guidelines for external use.

Who is the Guide for?

  • anyone who wants to create inclusive, accessible content, tools, apps, proceses etc
  • designers, developers, teachers, students ...