Decapod Team meeting - April 26, 2010


  • Release 0.4
    • Q. Mercurial vs. SVN. opinions?
    • Q. Unit Testing status?
  • Release 0.5
    • Q. File Import Support. Lots of failure cases (out of sync / missing siblings, different resolutions, unsupported content, etc.)
      • Support File Import but put many constraints or use it only for internal testing and demo purpose?
    • Q. Support for independent Left-Right camera capture (i.e. Book Liberator / I.A. setup).
      • how do you deal with perspective warps?
      • how do you deal with page curling?
      • can stereo dewarp help?
      • what affect does it have on OCR, font generation, and page segmentation?
  • Release 0.6
    • Stereo update?
    • Do we have code / script for stereo calibration?