OSDPL User Testing - Round 1


Completed Nov 21-22 2008 by Jonathan Hung, Allison Bloodworth


High-level summary to be added after testing has been completed.



This test should discover any usability problems with the design pattern entry form. Specifically, are users able to:

  • login and begin creating a design pattern?
  • switch tabs between different form sections?
  • upload a Solution and Example image?
  • properly attribute an image?
  • correcting any errors in their pattern when prompted by the system?
  • come back and edit their pattern?
  • understand what the difference is between a Draft or Done pattern.
  • understand what it means to have a pattern "Viewable by Everyone"

Success Criteria

A successful design has been achieved when:

  • 100% can begin creating a design pattern.
  • 100% can switch tabs between different sections.
  • 85% can upload a Solution and Example image.
  • 85% can properly attribute an image.
  • 100% can understand how to correct errors.
  • 90% can edit their pattern.
  • 70% understand the significance of Draft or Done patterns.
  • 75% understand the significance of how to make a pattern "Viewable by Everyone".


Method and test coordinator script.


We will be testing the application on potential pattern authors at the Fluid Meeting at UC Berkeley, as well as one potential pattern author student at UC Berkeley.

Interaction Design

Underlying design patterns and description of component behavior.

Test Environment

Location and version of the environment that was used. Attach a screenshot of the environment at the time of testing if the environment will change over time.


Full notes and analysis of the user tests.

OSDPL User Testing - Round 1 Results

  • 2 of 3 users assumed that "Contributor" by default meant them.
  • 2 of 3 users did not use the "Upload" button to upload an image
  • 4 of 4 users (3 formal users, 1 informal user) weren't sure what happened after submission of a pattern.
  • 3 of 3 users found their patterns relatively quickly using "View/Edit My Patterns."
  • 2 of 3 users wondered how the material on the OSDPL related to what was on the Fluid wiki and seemed somewhat unsure about the distinction between a component and design pattern (these 2 users already knew about Fluid).
  • 2 of 3 users said they would like to be able to save a design pattern without all the required fields (presumably as an in-progress draft).
  • User registration was relatively painless. All users were able to register without any major problems. (Successful registration feedback message helped user #1).
  • Single page pattern entry form seemed to work well. None of the users remarked on the length of the form, but one user did mention that the tabs helped her see what the high-level categories were without having to scroll.



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