User Testing Checklist

Remember to Bring These Items with You!

Before heading off to your user testing session, make sure you have the following:

  • Printed copy of protocol (for you to quickly refer to)
  • Honorarium for user
  • User consent form
  • Name of user (ensure you can greet the person without referring to your notes)
  • Prototype or test environment (either on a laptop or paper prototype)
    • If using a computer in a lab or at the person's office, make sure you remember the urls!
  • Note-taker
  • Note-taking forms (either electronic or paper)
  • Camera or video equipment if using them
  • Pens
  • Extra pad of paper
  • Paper copy of questionnaires for user to complete
  • Folder to put all user's papers and notes in one storage place
  • Directions for where you are meeting user (if going to them)

During Study

  1. Greet user.
  2. Introduce them to any other observers or note takers.
  3. Have user sign consent form and give address (if a cheque has to be mailed to them for honorarium).
  4. Explain user testing procedure and that you are testing the system and not them.
  5. Ask them if they have any questions.
  6. Have them complete the demographic questionnaire.
  7. Ask an ice breaker question about some of the demographic information you want to collect anyway.  Want to put user at ease if possible.
  8. Have them sit down in front of computer (or in front of paperprototype).
  9. Conduct user test.
  10. Have them complete any post-test questionnaires.
  11. Ask any questions you have (do this after they've completed the questionnaires so not to bias their answers).
  12. Let them ask any questions and debrief them.
  13. Let them know how they can find out about changes made to the software as a result of the user testing data.
  14. Thank them for participating.
  15. Give them their honorarium (or let them know when cheque will be mailed and they can expect to receive it). Give them a contact number for someone if the cheque doesn't arrive.