Feedback from Pattern Update Exercise

Feedback as a result of updating Inline Edit, Drag & Drop, and Uploader patterns.

Use this document to record your notes while updating the Fluid design patterns.

Things to keep in mind while going through the exercise:

  • Do the inline Instructions and Examples help guide you in your process?
  • Are there any unanswered questions?
  • Does the way that the form is set up help or hinder you in the process of creating and editing a design pattern?

Note from Allison:
We may also want to consider organizing our notes not by DP but by category (e.g. Comments about instructions & examples, Comments about form, Determining the proper granularity for a pattern, Where to enter the tradeoffs about when to use or not use a pattern (or parts of a pattern), Relationship of a pattern to a component, etc.)

Comments about the form

  • I missed seeing that there was more than one keyword/tag because of the way they were displayed in the non-editable view. I think we need to change the display to put the first tag below the label, and if possible put them in a bulleted list.
  • I wasn't sure how to add keywords/tags. For example, if I want to enter "inline edit" "edit" and "edit in place" do I enter them with spaces in between, quotes, commas or what? FLUID-1092
  • Synonyms and keywords/tags still displayed at the bottom of the non-editable view. They should be near the top as they are in the form.
    • The motivation of displaying metadata at the bottom is to not push the main pattern content too far down the page. There is a jira to put metadata into a floating block so it doesn't take up as much real estate. FLUID-1956

Entering a pattern

  • Make sure to cite the original source of the pattern, not the Fluid wiki.

Inline Edit

  • Notes go here.


  •  Notes go here.

 Reorderer - Layout Preview


Reorderer - List Reorderer

 Other issues, comments, and questions

  • Are we writing patterns for a web browser environment or for stand-alone contexts as well? For example: "When the page is loaded, items are shown as a list." versus "When the interface is loaded, items are shown as a list." -- I'm leaning toward the more generic, but is there any hard in going either way? [JH]
  • This isn't a pattern-specific comment, but didn't we used to have a printer-friendly view of the OSDPL pages? I often like to put stuff on paper, and the standard views in the OSDPL don't print very well. [PZ]
  • While editing pattern text in HTML markup, it's useful to be able to preview the result frequently. Having the PREVIEW under the SUBMIT tab makes this a bit cumbersome. (It's also not immediately apparent how to get back to editing from preview.) [PZ]
  • Within the EDIT tab, the numbered tabs all take you to sections of pattern content, except for the SUBMIT tab, which contains action buttons, such as SUBMIT and DELETE. This is somewhat confusing. Would it make sense to restructure things a bit so that within EDIT mode you have the choice of Preview, Cancel, Submit, (and possibly Delete) at the top of the form? Below, in the content section you could then navigate to the different sections through the Information, Problem, Solution, etc tabs. [PZ]
  • Would it make sense to move Viewable and Status from the SUBMIT tab to the Information tab? [PZ]